# vuepress-theme-valle

Simple VuePress theme with blogging support.

![Screenshot of Valle VuePress theme](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Joonas Yliaho/vuepress-theme-valle/master/screenshot.png)

# Under development, not ready for use!

This is a work in progress project to see the possible blogging capabilities of VuePress. A lot of stuff is still under development and is not ready to be used in production.

# Installing

  • yarn install vuepress-theme-valle or npm install vuepress-theme-valle --save
  • Inside your existing VuePress project, create (if not present) config.js inside .vuepress folder.
  • Add theme: 'valle' to the config object.
  • That's it! VuePress now uses Valle as its theme.

# Theme Config

Theme specific options in VuePress config.

module.exports = {
  // The theme uses `title` and `description`
  title: 'My Blog',
  description: 'My vuesome blog',

  themeConfig: {
    // Author specific metadata. Used for homepage bio.
    author: {
      name: 'John Doe',
      social: {
        facebook: 'url',
        twitter: 'url',
        linkedin: 'url',
        instagram: 'url'
    // defaults to '/posts/' if postDir isn't provided.
    postDir: '/posts/'

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