# Typewriter

Typewriter is Blog Theme based on VuePress.

support responsive design, comment service(utteranc.es)


# Installation

npm install vuepress-theme-typewriter --save # npm
yarn add vuepress-theme-typewriter # yarn

# Configuration

open your VuePress Project, go to .vuepress/config.js and add these lines read comments.

module.exports =
  themeConfig: {
    nav: [ // setting global header nav items
        text: 'Blog', // display context on menu
        link: '/' // link
      }, // if want more, add like this
    copyright: 'Copyright 2019 Typewriter all rights reserved.', // write copyright on layour footer.
    github: 'mAKEkr', // if want add github icon, write username or repository id(example, mAKEkr or mAKEkr/vuepress-theme-typewriter)
    feed: true, // if your project publishing rss feed, this value set to true. add links on footer.
    comment: { // support utteranc.es comment service based on github issue. if this value(comment) dosen't exists, theme is considered unavailable for comment service.
      // support repo, issue-term and theme setting.
      'repo': 'mAKEkr/blog', 
      'issue-term': 'url'

# Changelog

go to Release Page

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by