# vuepress-theme-terminal


A terminal (portfolio) theme for VuePress based on vue-terminal!

WARNING: This package does NOT work with Firefox due to an incompatible Regex 😦

# Demos

Basic Demo

# Usage

This theme is best used for a portfolio site.

See the demo/ folder for a working example!

Here is a brief overview:

// yourprojectfolder/.vuepress/config.js
module.exports = {
  theme: 'terminal',
# yourprojectfolder/README.md

user: john
welcome: Welcome to John's Portfolio!
about: Current Software Engineering Student @ BUC. My name is John!
    - title: github
      link: github.com/john
    - title: linkedin
      link: linkedin.com/in/john
    - title: email
      link: john@john.ca
    -   title: vue-terminal
        link: github.com/jsmith/prompt
        description: >
            `vue-terminal` is the Vue component library I made to power this website. It tries
            its best to mimic a regular zsh shell (tab completion, simple commands, etc.).
    -   title: another-project
        description: An awesome project basically!
        link: github.com/john/another-project

Want to see something a bit more complex? See my portfolio configuration.

Beware of using project names with spaces as this is not currently supported.

# Missing a feature?

This project was developed for my personal portfolio. As such, I only implemented the features I needed. If there is a new feature you'd like to see implemented, create a issue or put up a PR (contributions are very welcome).

# Development

Install the dependencies:

npm i

Symlink this folder to node_modules so that vuepress can find the files 😃

ln -s $(pwd) $(pwd)/node_modules/vuepress-theme-terminal

then run the development server!

npm run dev  # run hot reload

# Publishing

git add .
git commit -m "$VERSION"
git tag v$VERSION
git push
npm publish

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