# vuepress-theme-starter2

Adds a style sheet to the minimal custom theme for Vuepress.

# How to use this custom theme with Vuepress

  • Download this theme from GitHub into your node_modules directory and unzip it. You may need administrative privileges.

The result should be something like this (MacOS defaults):

$ ls /usr/local/lib/node_modules/vuepress-theme-starter2

Home.vue	Layout.vue	README.md	LICENSE
  • Go to your working directory and create a Vuepress project. Replace ~/demo2 with whatever you want to name your Vuepress project directory.
# Create full directory path, including the
# necessary hidden directory .vuepress
$ mkdir -p ~/demo2/.vuepress

# Make it the working directory.
$ cd ~/demo2
  • Create a README.md file. Here it's nothing but a home page with a single h1 header.
$ echo "# hello, world." > README.md
  • Create the file ./vuepress/config.js:
# Replace vim with your favorite editor 
$ vim .vuepress/config.js
  • Create this ./vuepress/config.js:
const base = process.env.GH ? '/vuepress/' : '/'
module.exports = {
    title: "Demo2",
    description: "Demo of starter2 custom Vuepress theme",
    theme: "starter2"
  • Generate the site and run the server:
$ vuepress dev

And visit your site at https://localhost:8080!

For a complete explanation see Creating a minimal custom theme.

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by