# Single Page VuePress Theme

This these extends the VuePress default theme @vuepress/theme-default for a layout for single page sites that contain several sections, each covering at least one view height. I think this is easier described with a picture:

Desktop version:

vuepress-theme-single-page-sections on desktop

Mobile version:

vuepress-theme-single-page-sections on mobile vuepress-theme-single-page-sections on mobile with menu open

I developed this theme as the basis for my personal homepage. So it can well be used to put your resume online.

It also defines a couple of social icons that you can use to link to your online profiles.

# Features

  • Vue components for social media links as icons, with icons taken from font-awesome
  • Predefined components for: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, XING, Keybase, ORCID, GitHub, e.g.
    <Social-LinkedIn id="petertandler" />
    <Social-GitHub id="ptandler" />
  • Vue components for contact information (email, phone) that generate obfuscated text and links to provide some challenges for harvesting bots and to avoid spam:
    <Contact-Phone title="Phone" country="49" city="1234" number="56789" />
    <Contact-Email name="someone" domain="example.com" /> <!-- webmaster is the default name if not passed -->
    • non-digits from phone numbers are stripped to create the tel: URL.
  • For public numbers you can choose whether or not to obfuscate emails and phone numers by passing the obfuscate prop (which defaults to true):
    <Contact-Phone title="Phone" country="49" city="1234" number="56789" obfuscate="false" />
  • Privacy-friendly way to pass sensitive contact information (e.g. mobile number, private email, messanger name) via URL in (e.g.) email footer - that will be included in the homepage exactly as the other icons. Some information can be passed directly in VuePress, see below.

# Combine personal and public contact information on your homepage

Do you know this situation? There are contact information such as your private email, mobile number, or instant messengers that you don't want to be available for everyone.

  • But on the other side, it would be nice if you could send your complete contact information to selected contacts you trust in a way that is nicely displayed.

Facing this issue, I came up with the idea that I could amend my homepage such that I can create a personal link that includes the contact information I would like to make available to some contacts. And for those, additional information should be displayed. Or even better, I could create different links for different groups of contacts, such as my friends, business contacts and so on.

However, I didn't want to have the personal contact information somewhere hidden in the HTML or JavaScript to really protect privacy here.

So I came up with the idea that I could pass the personal contact information to the homepage using URL parameters. The vue theme then, will check for contact information passed in the URL, include it and stores it in local storage to be available later on for this person, e.g. when navigating. The theme treats information found in the URL, the local storage, or passed from the markdown files to the theme's Vue component <Contact-Details> in exactly the same way.

On the other hand, contact information provided directly to the Vue component is obfuscated to provide some challenges for harvesting bots and to avoid spam.

Put contact information that should be available to the public directly in your markdown:


Then, for your friends and business contacts you can pass additional information in the URL (e.g. in you email footer): For example if the example homepage here is called like: https://ptandler.github.io/vuepress-theme-single-page-sections/?email=myname@example.com&skype=mySkypeId then the email and skype id is also included in the list of contact details.

To pass phone numbers, the pattern for phone numbers is: +country-city-number-ext where country and city are optional and ext has no special treatment but will be part of the number. This pattern allows consistent formatting of phone numbers. Make sure that the "+" is escaped properly as %2B (some browsers might convert it into a space instead) and better to escape spaces as %20.

You can pass a phone and a mobile number.

And you can define a custom title for phone and mobile: phone.title.

Example https://ptandler.github.io/vuepress-theme-single-page-sections/?phone=%2B49-1234-56789-0&phone.title=Telefon

See Contact/Details.vue for the list of supported parameters (in const attributes).

# Example

In the example directory, there is a simple sample project.

You can see this live at https://ptandler.github.io/vuepress-theme-single-page-sections/

# Setup

This theme uses VuePress v1.

Install the theme:

yarn install -D vuepress-theme-single-page-sections

# Usage

In your .vuepress/config.js include theme: "single-page-sections". And I recommend the following themeConfig. The themeConfig comes from the default theme.

module.exports = {
  theme: "single-page-sections",
  themeConfig: {
    sidebar: "auto",
    search: false,
    smoothScroll: true,
    social: { monochrome_icons: false },
    editLinks: false,
    nextLinks: false,
    prevLinks: false,

And on the pages that should contain several sections use the following frontmatter:

title: Page Title...
pageClass: sections-layout
sidebarImage: /small-image.jpg

<PageSection id="welcome" title="First Section">

Some content...



::: section Second Section

Some content... this time using the markdown "custom container" syntax.


The sidebarImage is optional. If defined, this image is included in the sidebar above the navigation links. In the mobil version, it is included in the navbar instead, as the sidebar is hidden then.

# Customization

The colors used are defined in styles\palette.styl and can be customized to fit your personal preferences.

# Implementation

This theme overwrites two components from the default theme:

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by