# VuePress Theme Reco Edit

Just some simple edits done by the MenuDocs team to add a couple features and alter some chinese to english.

# Changes you can use

# 404 messages

We've added custom 404 messages that you can mix with the default ones.

module.exports = {
    themeConfig: {
        // Custom 404 messages, omit to keep the default messages.
        notFoundMessages: [ `Oops, I think you found a dead link.` ],
        // This will mix the notFoundMessages with the default messages
        mixNotFoundMessages: true

# Page authors

Now you can have multiple authors with hyperlinks to another site or by default, their github.

- User 
- [User]
- [Example User, https://github.com/User]
- [User, https://example.com]

# My markdown page

This is what will be shown for each.

  1. User (https://github.com/User)
  2. User (https://github.com/User)
  3. Example User (https://github.com/User)
  4. User (https://example.com)

# Changes to improve the visual aspect

# Tags

Tags will be separated with a comma, before it was separated with a space.

# Work in progress changes

  • Accent colours

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