# Read me

The theme for all vuepress things

# Installation

  1. Install the theme with yarn add vuepress-theme-oscarteg
  2. Add a .vuepress/config.js file.
  3. Copy the tailwind.js file to the root of your folder.
  4. Copy the images from the public folder to .vuepress/public.

# Example config

module.exports = {
  title: "Example",
  theme: "oscarteg",
  postcss: {
    plugins: [require("tailwindcss")("./tailwind.js"), require("autoprefixer")]
  collapsable: false,
  themeConfig: {
    footer: true,
    sidebarDepth: 0,
    lastUpdated: true,
    subscription: {
      email: "example@example.com",
      buttonTitle: "Subscribe to hear about new articles"
    logo: "/logo.png",
    // Assumes GitHub. Can also be a full GitLab url.
    repo: "user/repo",
    // custom text for edit link. Defaults to "Edit this page"
    editLinkText: "Help us improve this page!",
    nav: [
        text: "Example",
        link: "/Example/"

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