# vuepress-theme-minimalism



# introduction

A minimalist vuepress theme, compatible with hexo YAML front matter syntax.


# Quick Start

# install

npm i -S vuepress-theme-minimalism
yarn add vuepress-theme-minimalism
  • Use theme in config.js.
module.exports = {
  theme: 'vuepress-theme-minimalism',
  base: '/',
  • new _posts folder, article written in _posts directory, as the topic is compiled based on the content under the _posts folder. Note: Folder names are case-sensitive.

# Directory Structure

├── docs
│   ├── .vuepress #vuepress configuration folder
│   ├── _posts #Article Storage Folder
├── package.json
└── yarn.lock

# write

Start writing a blog that is written in the correct format as follows.:

title: vuepress
  - vuepress
  - markdown

# vuepress-theme-minimalism

##  introduction

A minimalist vuepress theme, compatible with hexo YAML front matter syntax.

# Theme configuration

# Theme color configuration

New styles folder in .vuepress directory, new palette.styl Configure css variables.

The following color configurations are currently supported.

$accentColor = #31837c 
$textColor = #2c3e50 
$nprogressColor = #399c9c 

# config.js configuration

module.exports = {
  // theme: 'vuepress-theme-minimalism',
  base: '/',
  title: '记录',
  description: 'description...',
  themeConfig: {
    headerText: {
      //deader text
      index: 'ホーム',
      all: '一覧',
      tags: 'カテゴリー',
      timeline: 'タイムライン',
      seacrh: '探す'
    //footer text
      '©2020 Power by <a href="https://vuepress.vuejs.org">VuePress</a> <a href="https://github.com/onnezezt/vuepress-theme-minimalism">Theme minimalism</a>',
    homeBackground: {
      //Home Background Color
      //Set home page background color, false title is the default color
      show: true,
      fileName: '/xxx.jpg' // Background image name, stored in the public directory
    PostsListPopover: false, //Whether to display the article content prompt

    darkMode: {
      //dark mode configuration
      switch: true, 
      auto: true, //automatic start
      on: '18', //Time.
      off: '6'
    vssue: {
      use: false,
      option: {
        owner: 'onnezezt',
        repo: 'onnezezt.github.io',
        clientId: 'xxxx',
        clientSecret: 'xxxx' // It is only necessary to use certain platforms
    disqus: {
      //use disqus reviews.
      use: false,
      option: {
        name: 'xxx' // Replace PAGE_URL with your page's canonical URL variable
  markdown: {
    lineNumbers: true

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