# vuepress-theme-mini

NPM Version License

# Introduction

A minimal blogging theme of VuePress.

# Example

# Install


npm install vuepress-theme-mini --save-dev


yarn add vuepress-theme-mini --dev

# Usage

Configurations are extended from Default theme config, with some additions. Noted that not all of the defaults are usable (such as sidebar), since this theme is a minimal design.

module.exports = {
  // ...
  theme: 'mini',
  themeConfig: {
    siteName: '...', // site name at navbar
    author: '...', // author name at footer
    // enable navbar and add links
    navbar: true,
    nav: [
      { text: 'home', link: '/' },
      { text: 'about', link: '/about/' }
    // valine configurations: https://valine.js.org/configuration.html
    // note that `el` and `path` are already taken care and will be ignored
    valine: {
      appId: '[your appId]',
      appKey: '[your appKey]'
  // ...

# Layouts

FYI: Custom Layout for Specific Pages

# Default

Default layout for normal articles that including a comment area.

# Page

Almost the same as default but without comment.

# ArticleList

Display an article archive base on the folder structure or articleIndex param in YAML frontmatter.

For example: if you place a README.md with layout: ArticleList inside posts folder, then it will content all articles inside posts folder. You can also place it under root folder with articleIndex: '/posts' frontmatter.

# License


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