# vuepress-theme-inherit

The vuepress blog theme inherited from @vuepress/theme-default, supports archiving and tagging functions, and can automatically sort blogs by time.




Source code

# Install

Note: The following operations can be found in the official document. Please familiarize yourself with the documentation first.

After install and configure the basic vuepress framework, do the following operations:

  1. Install
    yarn add vuepress-theme-inherit
  2. Create a /post /tags /archives directory under the /doc directory to load the blog homepage list, tags and archive functions.
    ├── docs
    │   ├── tags
    │   │   └── README.md
    │   ├── archives
    │   │   └── README.md
    │   ├── post
    │   │   └── README.md
    |   |
  3. Add the following configration in the config.js to import the theme and generate the navigation bar.
    theme: 'vuepress-theme-inherit',
    themeConfig: {
      nav: [
        {text: 'blog', link: '/post/'},
        {text: 'tags', link: '/tags/'},
        {text: 'archives', link: '/archives/'},
  4. Add the following keywords in the blog markdown file Front Matter to let the script sort
    created: 2020-1-1
    updated: 2020-2-1
      - Configration
      - Technology
      - Life
    1. created and updated is used to record the creation and editing time of the blog, as well as used to sort the blog homepage (sort rule : update -> created -> no configration).
    2. created also used to sort the archives.
    3. tags is used to filter the tags.
    4. Blog homepage will create the blog list, base on the markdown files you created under the /post directory automatically.
    5. These above functions will be automatically configured without additional operations.
    6. The README.md under the three folders of /archives /tags /post can be accessed through Front Matter to set the relevant page information include title, keywords and descriptions


  • [ ] Pagination
  • [ ] Better SEO

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