一个轻量的 vuepress 主题✨ / A light vuepress theme✨

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一个轻量的 vuepress 主题 / A light vuepress theme

# 官方文档 / Official Docs

中文文档 | English Docs

# 主题特点

主题很大程度上保持了 Vuepress 默认主题的风格。同时主题做了如下优化:

  • 为导航栏、侧边栏提供了外观美化与功能增强
  • 全新的主题色,允许你在浏览过程中动态切换
  • 深色模式,允许你手动切换或者是自动应用你的颜色配置
  • 增加了 PWA 支持与全屏按钮增强沉浸感
  • 为 Markdown 添加了更多语法,丰富文档与博客写作
  • 为所有页面添加阅读量统计与作者、写作日期展示
  • 添加文章的评论功能
  • 在主题多处添加了图标支持
  • 允许自定义每篇文章的页脚
  • 添加了新的路径导航功能
  • 添加了新的返回顶部按钮
  • 对默认的主页样式进行了进一步的优化,并添加了一种博客样式的主页风格
  • 支持对特定文章与路径进行加密

# Theme Highlights

The theme largely maintain the style of @vuepress/theme-default, while theme has been optimized as follows:

  • Appearance Change
  • Provides function enhancement for navigation bar and sidebar
  • Brand new theme color, allowing you to switch dynamically during browsing
  • Dark mode, allows you to switch manually or apply your color configuration automatically
  • Added PWA support and full-screen buttons to enhance immersion
  • Added more grammar to Markdown to enrich documents and blog writing
  • Add pageview statistics, author and date display for all pages
  • Add article comment function
  • Added icon support in multiple places
  • Allows to customize the footer of each article
  • Added new route navigation function
  • Added new back to top button
  • The default homepage style has been further optimized and a blog style homepage style has been added
  • Support to encrypt specific articles and paths

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