# Vuepress theme Canvas

Vuepress custom theme for blogging inspired on Canvas: a Simple, Powerful Blog Publishing Platform

You can see my own blog as an example.

# Installation

As Easy as 1,2,3

First, create a docs folder if you don't have one yet:

mkdir docs && cd docs

Clone the repo:

git clone https://github.com/whoan/vuepress-theme-canvas.git .vuepress

See it run:


You will see a README file in your docs folder and it's there to let vuepress render the Home page. See more information here.

Important note: The root README will be ignored by the theme and it won't be listed as a blog post. For the same reason, all its content (except for the front matter) will be ignored.

# Building your brand new blog

IMPORTANT! You must always use .vuepress/node_modules/.bin/vuepress instead of the global vuepress for this project

Once you placed your fantastic posts in your docs folder, build your blog like this:

# cd $your_docs_dir
.vuepress/node_modules/.bin/vuepress build

# Set the config file to your needs

Now it's time to personalize your blog's information. Go and change the congif.js file with your personal data.

# Features

You can set the lastModified date of a blog post in the Front Matter like this:

lastModified: '2019-09-09'

And you can set prev and next posts in the footer of your posts adding something like this also in the Front Matter:

prev: /some-prev-blog
next: /some-next-blog

To set your personal links in the header of the pages, you have the array usefulLinks in the config file.
You can also set the icon you want to show in each link. Here an example:

  href: 'https://github.com/whoan',
  cssIcon: 'fa fa-fw fa-github'

# Limitations

This project is meant to be simple and it has some limitations. Some of them can be addressed with the time, others will never be implemented to maintain its simplicity.

These are the current limitations, based on what you can expect for a blog:

  • It lists all the markdown files at the same level regardless the directory they are placed in.
  • It doesn't have tags.
  • It doesn't have a search bar.
  • It doesn't have a lot of other things you can find in other blogs; but it's beautiful, something you don't find in a lot of other blogs.

# Troubleshooting

# I get a 404 error

It's due to you need a README.md in the root of the project. See the installation section.

# I can't see the posts titles in the main page

Each markdown file (your posts) need a h1 header, so here you have a suggestion to write:

# My Awesome Post

# I get compiling template errors

You need to see which are the hurting files and modify them accordingly to make them markdown compliant. Don't know really which are the common reasons for this problem.

Now you will see the titles the Home page.

# License


Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by