# VuePress theme - Gitbook inspired

A VuePress theme inspired by Gitbook.


Live demo

I really love their clean and minimalist style, so I decided to do a theme for VuePress.

It is not 100% identical to a Gitbook page, some choices are made to respect VuePress limitations. It is based on @vuepress/theme-default and I only extend it.

You can see a live demo on the demo website

# Using the Theme

If you want to use this theme on your own project, please refers to the Theme Readme.

# Go to the Theme Readme

# Websites using this theme:

Want to add your website too? Send me a PR. ✌️

# Developing:

This repo makes use of yarn workspaces to link packages together whilst developing. This means you can run the demo dev tasks whilst developing the theme package and see latest theme changes on the demo site. Here, you're at the entry point. You can find the demo under packages/demo and the theme under packages/vuepress-theme-book

# Install dependencies


# Run demo site in development mode

yarn develop

# Build

yarn build

# If you like it, please STAR it

If you enjoy using it, please star it!

# Feedback

Feel free to create an issue.

# Contributing

I would be more than happy to receive feedback/issues/pull requests, so don't hesitate.

I would be more than happy to receive feedback/issues/pull request, so don't hesitate.

  • Check the open issues or open a new issue to start a discussion around your feature idea or the bug you found.
  • Fork repository, make changes and send a pull request

# License


Thank you!

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by