An Ant Design style theme for VuePress.

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# Features

  • Equipped with Ant Design style, you can directly use various components of the UI library.
  • Optimize parts of styles.
  • More features are waiting for you to discover ...

# Quick start

# Install theme

npm i vuepress-theme-antdocs


yarn add vuepress-theme-antdocs

# Use theme

Open your .vuepress/config.js, and then add VuePress theme reference code:

module.exports = {
  theme: 'antdocs'

You can get help here: Using a theme

# Preview

# Changlog

# 1.1.1

  • Fixed the bug that the sidebar close button displayed.
  • Added title attribute for sidebar.

# 1.1.0

  • Add repo status icon: GitLab.
  • Optimize other details.

# 1.0.1

  • Fix the bug that the code block css / cpp / c language is displayed incorrectly.
  • Optimize other details.

# 1.0.0

  • Add sidebar advertising space, support three display states (picture, graphic, entertainment display);
  • Added a secondary home button, it means the maximum number of home button support is 2;
  • Optimized back to top button can be customized to open;
  • Fixed the bug that the navigation bar displayed abnormally because the title was too long.

# 0.1.2-beta

  • Fix the problem that the navigation bar menu does not activate the current menu item properly in some cases.

# 0.1.1-beta

  • Optimize the display effect of mobile sidebar;
  • Optimize mobile search and menu icon display.

# 0.1.0-beta

  • Powered by Ant Design components and used directly in .md;
  • Add bottom column, support up to 4 columns;
  • Unified preprocessor, using less syntax compatible with Ant Design style;
  • Optimize the display effect of built-in prompts, warnings, and dangerous blocks;
  • Optimize the display effect of code blocks, inline code, Blockquote, etc.;
  • Optimize the display effect of the homepage, navigation menu, Github logo, sidebar, etc.;
  • Optimize mobile display and animation effects;
  • Fix other possible bugs.

# 0.0.x alpha

Internal beta version is unstable and not recommended


See here for more details :

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