# vuepress-theme-ajv

A blog friendly custom theme for Vuepress.

# Usage

See Vuepress official docs for the Getting Started guide. After setting up Vuepress, list this theme in your .vuepress/config.js file under the theme parameter

theme: ajv

Set the necessary themeConfig options in your .vuepress/config.js. Much of the same config params apply as they do for Vuepress default theme. Things excluded by this theme are:

  • locales
  • homepage
  • sidebar (our navbar acts as a sidebar)

You're all set to run vuepress dev docs!


  • Refactor Stylus to native CSS with PostCSS nesting
  • Swap vars with CSS custom properties
  • Add responsive menu
  • Set focus styles only for keyboard events (see example)

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by