# VuePress Plugin Zengarden Tags

Provides tags for your VuePress blog 🏷

# Installation

npm i --save-dev vuepress-plugin-zengarden-tags
# or
yarn add -D vuepress-plugin-zengarden-tags

# Usage

Add the following to your config.js or index.js file.


You should now have this.$tags available.

# Configuration

['zengarden-tags', {
    key: 'tags',        // the frontmatter key to look for
    path: '/tags/',     // the path to publish the generated pages under
    title: 'Tags',      // the title of the generated page
    tag: 'Layout',      // layout for single tag page
    tags: 'Layout'      // layout for the tags overview page

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by