# VuePress Plugin Zengarden Publish

Adds the publish attribute to the frontmatter of each page.

# Installation

npm install vuepress-plugin-zengarden-publish
# or
yarn add vuepress-plugin-zengarden-publish

# Usage

In your config.js or index.js files of your VuePress configuration, add the following.


Now you should have the publish flag set in the frontmatter of all your pages.

You can set the publish flag your self, the plugin will not overwrite the value if it is already set.

# Configuration

Per default we use the date attribute of a pages frontmatter to determine if a page should be published. If you need to change this behavior, then you can just overwrite the used function like so.

['zengarden-publish', {
    publish: function(page) {
        // this is the default logic used
        return dayjs().format('YYYY-MM-DD') >= dayjs(page.frontmatter.date).format('YYYY-MM-DD')

You will get the full page object so the setup is very flexible. Also as you can see.

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by