# Vuepress Plugin Web-Monetization

Adds a web-monetization meta tag to your VuePress website. This allows you to monetize your content using the web-monetization standard.

# Installation

npm i vuepress-plugin-web-monetization

# Usage

You will need to register the plugin with your VuePress website:

plugins: {
    'web-monetization': {
        'address': '$ilp.uphold.com/DrRw6MnEEqBB'

This includes the address as an optional parameter (here: $ilp.uphold.com/DrRw6MnEEqBB). You can also define the address as part of the frontmatter:

monetization: "$ilp.uphold.com/DrRw6MnEEqBB"

# License

This package is release under the MIT license by Peter Thaleikis.

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by