# Vuepress plugin to parse RAML files and inject them as markdown

# vuepress-plugin-raml-loader

# Features

  • reads *.raml 1.0 and 0.8 formatted files and referenced includes
  • intermediate results are rendered as markdown enabling existing vuepress markdown related features such as 'auto' search and sidenav menu generation on raml files
  • raml can be mapped to arbitrary markdown using lodash templates
  • loaded raml content is represented as a simple JSON object and can be preprocessed for easier template rendering
  • loaded raml content as JSON can be emitted as a resource file for consumption by other components such as an interactive API tool
  • supports Webpack HMR when RAML file or its includes are edited in vuepress 'dev' mode
  • Webpack loaders such as the parser and JSON template renderer can be used stand-alone if desired

# Getting Started

install the plugin

$ npm install --save-dev vuepress-plugin-raml-loader

add patterns and plugins to .vuepress/config.js

module.exports = {
  patterns: ['**/*.md', '**/*.vue', '**/*.raml'],
  plugins: [

add *.raml files along side your *.md files

# Options

The default templates can be overridden by providing a function that returns preloaded compiled templates as compiledTemplate wrapped in a Promise. See prepareDefaultTemplates() in the source code for guidance.

# Caveats

  • Only works with Vuepress config.js#patterns; it would be more clear if it could add the raml as additionalPages (requires a Vuepress core change). Furthermore it currently duplicates some code frjom vuepress/core.
  • Uses the deprecated raml-1-parser that does not support OAS.
  • markdown templates might be more intuitive if they were in Vue

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by