# Vuepress Plugin LiveRe

🔌 Simply implement an elegent comment plugin with a global < Livere /> component.

# Feature

  • SNS log-in
  • attach the image & video
  • quote other user’s comment
  • Check https://livere.com/ for more information.

# Install

yarn add vuepress-plugin-livere -D
# or use npm
npm i vuepress-plugin-livere -D

# Usage

  • Register your own account on https://livere.com/.
  • Go to InsightCode Managing, grap your uid in code block which would look like below.
<div id="lv-container" data-id="city" data-uid="YOUR UID"></div>

use livere in config.js. Note: uid and url are required.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
        LIVERE_UID: 'YOUR UID in livere.com',
        LIVERE_URL: 'YOUR Site URL in livere.com'

# Use the Disqus component

    <content />
    <!-- ...... -->
    <Livere />

Or just put it in your .md file anywhere like this.

## Hello VuePress

Content here.


📝 LiveRe supports multiple SNS log-in, Color theme and other features. Go to your setting page to tweak it.

# License

MIT © Xing Yahao

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by