# vuepress-plugin-internal-link

When setting up wikis or taking notes, [[internal links]] are useful. However, vuepress itself doens't have a convient way of having internal links. And that's what this plugin is for.

# Install and Use

# 1. Installation

Simply use yarn to fetch this package for you. NPM is also OK.

yarn add vuepress-plugin-internal-link

# 2. Configuration

It's extremely easy to use this plugin.

Find your .vuepress/config.js, and just write down:

plugins: {
    'internal-link': {}

Then the whole world is your oyster.

# Use with custom parsing pattern

The default pattern can only parse English and Chinese, so in some cases you may need to use another pattern.

Find your .vuepress/config.js, and write down:

plugins: {
    'internal-link': {
        linkPattern: /YOUR_PATTERN/

The pattern should be a valid regex.

# 3. Usage

To use internal link, you need to write stuff like [[link]] and [[another link]], which will resulted in an internal link to ./link.md or ./link.html after building.

This internal link feature can be used to export articles from platforms like Obsidian.

Also, for VSCode users, don't hesitate to try Markdown Notes.

# Acknowledgements

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by