# vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks

Given a list of external links, this package will test if all the links found in those external pages that match the vuepress website's hostname are still alive.

You can run the test against your local vuepress routing using the (soon to come) vuepress plugin, or you can run the test against your online vuepress.

# Features

  • Will check all the links to a given domain in the given url list:
    • Comparing it with locally generated links, when building your vuepress in development
    • Comparing it with your online documentation.

# Locally

When building your vuepress application a siteData file is generated which contains all the routes of your documentation. After fetching all HTML from the given urls list, this package will retrieve all links with the given hostname in the different fetched HTMLs. The urls found will be searched in the siteData file. If not present a warning will be raised. This means your link does not exists in your new build.

# Online

Given that your documentation is already online and you would like to check if all the links to your documentation in the given urls list are still alive. This package will fetch the HTML from all the urls given and retrieve all links pointing to the given hostname. It will ping all those links, if they do not result in a success a warning will be raised. This means the link is dead.

The online mode -o has nothing to do with vuepress and should be moved to its own package.

# Install

yarn add vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks

# Getting started

# Vuepress plugin

in config.js

plugins: [
    [ "external-link-checks" ,
        { hostname: "docs.myhostname.com", "urls": [

You can also add a .externallinkchecksrc file at the root of your vuepress with the above configs. You can also create your own file, and store it whever you want in the project and just add the link in config.js using configFile: "path/to/my/file"


# With a config file

Create a .externallinkchecksrc file

    hostname: "docs.myhostname.com",
    "urls": [
$ vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks

# With your custom config file

$ vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks -C myconfigfile.json

# With CLI options

$ vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks -H docs.myhostname.com -u "https://github.com/someGithub,https://www.myhostnamelanding.com/"

# Try out

$ cd vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks
$ npm link
$ npx vuepress-plugin-external-link-checks -t test/vuepress -H docs.meilisearch.com


$ cd examples
$ npm link
$ ./docs.meilisearch.sh

# Options

CLI option Config file option Type Description Default value
-H, --hostname hostname String links pointing to this hostname should always work none
-u, --urls urls String[] list of external urls on which to find hostname links []
-C, --config-file configFile String Path to your config file ./.externallinkchecksrc
-o, --online online Boolean Will check in online documentation if provided not provided
-s, --sitedata siteData String Path to the generated siteData.js file of vuepress used in local mode (--online not provided) will check in multiple places

# Test

yarn test

# Style

yarn style
yarn style:fix


  • publish on NPM
  • add multilanguage links (/en/, /fr/)
  • add a hash checker on online version
  • stop process if a dead link was found
  • Promisify online version

Made with ❤️ by Ahmad Mostafa - @z3by