Career Profile

I’m a Full-Stack software engineer who enjoys solving users’ daily problems by building cloud-based solutions using the cutting-edge technologies, I empathize with end-users and enjoy automating the boring stuff to save time and resources. I worked on different projects, including greenfield projects as well as legacy projects where I helped replacing existing system functionality with modern and flexible modular components, and demonstrated great problem-solving skills, and achieve high-quality results by being a highly effective team player and by following the best software engineering practices and disciplines like Agile, TDD, OOP and Functional programming, Automation, CI/CD.


Software Engineer

2019 - present


  • Replace existing system functionality with modern and flexible modular components
  • Develop new functionality using Python, Django, Flask, and VueJS
  • Work with product owners to develop solutions that meet client needs
  • Collaborate with engineers and work together as a team

Software Engineer

2018 - 2019
359Jo solutions.

Project-based employment where I worked on a web solution for an NGO that connects investors with refugee ventures around the world to create a sustainable environment for refugees.

Skills & Proficiency

  • Python.
  • Python web frameworks: Django, Flask, Starlette.
  • Full-Stack Javascript: Node.js, Webpack, npm, ES6, babel.
  • Javascript Frameworks: Vue.js, React.js, Angular.
  • Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services.